Montoyo on Alek Manoah: He just gives us a chance

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Montoyo on Alek Manoah: He just gives us a chance

Toronto Blue Jays ’Alek Manoah shows he is a top player after his team won 4-3. Since Manoah is here, the team is playing phenomenally and will be of great importance in the next matches. “His last 10 starts, we’ve won every game,” Montoyo said after the win, as quoted by

“He just gives us a chance. Everybody feels it when he takes the mound. It’s what I always used to say about him. He gives you a chance, throws strikes and he doesn’t back down from anybody”. Manoah also seems to be the real leader of the team.

He is physically strong, mentally strong, and of course possesses a quality that makes him so good. He is happy for his team, and wants to continue at the same pace throughout the season. Now they have a good momentum to stop any opponent.

And on that path, Manoah will be of great importance to them “I want those guys to know that I’m giving it my all every time,” Manoah said. “I think they kind of feel and play off of that energy. To go out there and get as many wins as possible, that’s going to get us in the postseason.

That’s good news”.

Manoah on the last match

Manoah was aggressive in the last match and focused only on winning. With that kind of thinking, you can't expect anything but victory. He added: “I’m just trying to compete every time.

I’m trying to keep that focus there as much as possible. I think I kind of lobbed in an 85-mph changeup on the first pitch to [Stephen] Vogt. I wasn’t too locked in right there. You can’t let the game slip away or take anything for granted. You have to stay focused, so I wanted to do that in the sixth inning and come out firing”.