Los Angeles Dodgers' Clayton Kershaw reacts to making team history

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Los Angeles Dodgers' Clayton Kershaw reacts to making team history

The Los Angeles Dodgers failed to register a win on Saturday but it was a historic night for everyone involved as Clayton Kershaw set the new franchise record for the most strikeouts. Don Sutton, a Dodgers legend who passed away last year, held the Dodgers' all-time strikeout record for five decades.

In a 5-1 loss to the Detroit Tigers, Kershaw earned his 2697th strikeout. "It's special," Kershaw said, per ESPN. "I didn't expect it. I understand that the Dodgers are a historic franchise and have been around a long time, so the guys that are on that list that I was fortunate enough to pass was a big deal.

But I didn't know that fans would know or honestly care that much. It was special for me. It really was. It was cool to see. I tried to brush it off and keep going, but they wouldn't let me. It definitely meant a lot."

Kershaw wants to help the Dodgers win a World Series

Kershaw made his MLB debut in 2008 and since then he has only played for one team.

Kershaw has had an accomplished career as he has been named to the All-Star Game eight times and he won his lone World Series with the Dodgers in 2020. Kershaw is 34 but he underlines he is only playing because he feels he can still help the Dodgers win.

"I don't wanna just pitch to pitch," Kershaw noted. "That's not a goal of mine, to stick around. I don't have any interest in just sticking around to be around. I wanna be here to contribute to a team that might win a World Series.

That's what I wanna do. If either of those things aren't around, I don't see myself sticking around. If I'm not helpful, I won't be here. I'm glad that I've had a good start to the season, but I have a long way to go."

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