New York Yankees' Aaron Judge comments on his young fan that went viral

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New York Yankees' Aaron Judge comments on his young fan that went viral

New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge was a part of a very special moment but he wasn't aware of it until the game versus the Toronto Blue Jays ended. In the sixth inning of the game, Judge crushed the ball into the stands of Rogers Centre in Toronto.

The ball was caught by an adult Blue Jays fan, who immediately handed the ball over to a young Yankee fan wearing a Judge jersey. The kid was absolutely overwhelmed and tears of joy followed.

Judge continued his great form as the Yankees beat the Blue Jays 9-1.

When the reporters explained to Judge what happened in the sixth inning, he was thrilled about the story. “There are Yankees fans all around the world that are passionate about the game,’’ Judge said, per The New York post.

“He’s starting out the right way”.

Judge going strong

Judge is in a great form as the Yankees have won their last 11 games. Before Opening Day, Judge turned down a seven-year, $230 million offer by the Yankees.

The way Judge has been playing his decision might pay off as he could definitely secure a bigger deal in the offseason if the continues to perform at such a high level. After a 9-1 win over the Blue Jays, Judge was asked if this is the best he has felt since 2017.

Judge coudln't get a direct answer but noted that he is simply happy to be healthy and helping the Yankees win. “It’s tough to say. The biggest thing is being healthy and being out there. When you have nagging stuff going on, it’s tough to be at your best," Judge said.

Meanwhile, Yankees manager Aaron Boone underlined the Yankees never stopped believing in Judge. “There’s no question he’s squaring a couple up every night,’’ Boone said. “It’s good to see him getting really settled in and being the player we know he is”.

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