Dusty Baker became the first black manager to break an important record!

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Dusty Baker became the first black manager to break an important record!

Dusty Baker is a man who doesn't need to be talked about much, his statistics and what he has achieved speaks a lot about his success. However, the record he broke is really impressive. Dusty Baker became the first black coach to win 2,000 career games.

After the game, Baker revealed at a press conference whether he aimed to achieve this success: "It feels great whenever you reach a goal," said Baker, at his postgame press conference, as quoted by ESPN. "I didn't really have this goal until, I don't know, four or five years ago, when I realized I had a chance." Dusty Baker began his managerial career back in 1993 when he took over the San Francisco Giants.

Dusty Baker's career

He stayed there for a long time, even 9 years before he found a new environment. The Chicago Cubs were the next destination, followed by the Cincinnati Reds, and the Washington Nationals, and finally, in 2020 Baker became the new manager of the Houston Astros.

Baker recalled all those people he worked with during his long managerial career. Many were there for him, and they were ready to help him. Yet, as everyone, Baker had many who doubted him, but he showed them how good he is.

"I think about Hank Aaron and Jackie Robinson and Frank Robinson, who helped me a lot, Bill Walsh, all the general managers and owners I've had, whether they fired me eventually or not," Baker said. "It just sort of added to my perseverance and determination and faith.

I've also got to thank my detractors for giving me the motivation to go on because there's a lot of people that doubted me in the beginning when I first got the job with no experience, a lot of them that doubted me even though I was winning."