Yankees coach gives thoughts on Michael King's stunning start to 2022

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Yankees coach gives thoughts on Michael King's stunning start to 2022

Michael King is off to an outstanding start to the new season but New York Yankees pitching coach Matt Blake isn't that much surprised because he claims he saw the flashes of his talent several times last year. King's strong start to the season is one of the early good stories for the Yankees as King has been pitching like one of the best pitchers in the game.

“I feel like it was brewing last year, where he showed flashes,” pitching coach Blake told the New York Post. “It was always, you’ve seen the potential and it’s just a matter of putting it together on the field in big moments.

He’s really been able to capture that so far”.

Blake on the leap King has taken so far in 2022

“It’s been huge,” Blake said. “Before, he had the really good two-seamer that he could get in on righties.

He was always looking for that change-of-pace pitch or something that he could throw to the other side of the plate. … Then all of a sudden, this pitch really clicks for him and it takes off and now it’s a well above-average breaking ball that he can lean on for strikes and chase and it really opens up the other side of the plate.

Now he can really crisscross the plate with his two-seams/four-seams/slider mix. It really keeps guys on edge”. According to Blake, the talent was there for King but it was just the matter of finding a way to put it all together and start performing on a high level.

The Yankees and King are off to a good start to 2022 as the from The Bronx sits at No.1 of the AL East standings. “He’s taken it to another level this year where all those things that were kind of coming together have really started to solidify so he has a lot of different options for his game plans to use,” Blake added.