Alex Rodriguez reacted to the debut of his nephew: Oh my God, oh my God. No way

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Alex Rodriguez reacted to the debut of his nephew: Oh my God, oh my God. No way

Joe Dunand could be a big MLB star. The 26-year-old made his debut for the Florida Marlins in a game against the San Diego Padres. Yet what most will recognize him by is that he is Alex Rodriguez's nephew. Alex Rodriguez watched the match and was delighted with Dunand's performance.

He also posted a video on Twitter where he reacted to Dunand’s great move. "Oh, get out, get out, go ... Oh my God, oh my God. No way" "First at bat, third pitch." Before the match, Rodriguez supported his cousin, since every debut causes nervousness in the players.

“Get after it,” Rodriguez told his nephew. “It’s the same game you’ve played your whole life, so just go out there and do what you do”.

Dunand after the match

Dunand was also overwhelmed with emotions after the match and this is a moment he can be proud of.

He was focused throughout the match and ready to give his best. “Honestly, I’ve been saying I blacked out, I think,” said Dunand, as quoted by “I don’t really remember much. I just remember my game plan: I was looking for the ball up and hit it hard up the middle.

I think I picked back up rounding around a second. It was a great feeling”. We can't even imagine how long he dreamed about what happened to him, and now that the dream has become a reality, this young player can set much bigger goals for himself.

Obviously Dunand has tremendous talent and possesses quality, now it’s all up to him. “This is just a dream come true,” Dunand said. “This is everything you dream about. Just coming here and being able to play at the highest level and perform at a high level and help the team win, which is the most important thing, it’s a great feeling”.