Yankees GM Brian Cashman not ready to write off struggling Joey Gallo

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Yankees GM Brian Cashman not ready to write off struggling Joey Gallo

New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman isn't ready to write off Joey Gallo yet as he is still confident the left fielder can turn the page and help the Yankees reach their goal. Gallo was traded to the Yankees last July and he didn't enjoy an impressive second half of the 2021 season.

The Yankees were hoping Gallo's struggles were only because he needed time to adjust to the life in The Bronx. But, Gallo failed to get off to a strong to the 2022 season. “I’m not worried about Joey Gallo,’’ Cashman said, via The New York Post.

“He’s a really talented player and cares a great deal. He has a chance every time he’s at the plate to change whatever’s happened prior”.

Cashman remains a believer in Gallo

As one of the examples that got off to a slow start to his Yankees career and then thrived afterward, Cashman mentioned current Yankees manager Aaron Boone.

Boone struggled after being traded midway through the 2003 season but then made a historic play in the postseason that helped the Yankees seal a World Series ticket. “Boone really struggled, but he’s gonna be remembered in history for one swing of the bat,” Cashman said.

“Gallo is helping us defensively and offensively he can help with a key walk. There’s a lot of different ways he can contribute. And there’s still a hell of a lot of time on the clock for him to contribute in one big game, in one big series or a floodgate, avalanche of success.

He’s certainly capable of it. … Over time, I certainly think he’ll find that higher ground on a consistent basis”. Gallo hasn't had a strong season so far but the Yankees have been doing well even without a major contribution from Gallo. The Yankees sit at No. 1 of the AL East standings with a 22-8 record.