James McCann reveals his reaction to broken hamate bone diagnosis

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James McCann reveals his reaction to broken hamate bone diagnosis

New York Mets catcher James McCann said he will try to return before a six-week timetable as he revealed he is not sure how he suffered a broken left hamate bone. This week, McCann is set to undergo a surgery to repair the damage following a broken hamate bone.

The recovery process is usually around six weeks but McCann is hoping to return even sooner. “Obviously I’m shooting for quicker than that,” McCann said, per The New York Post. While sidelined, McCann vowed to try not to completely fell out of shape.

“Obviously, post-op there’ll be a few days where I have to recover, but the plan is to stay in as close to baseball shape as possible,” McCann said.

McCann not sure when and how he contracted the injury

Once broken hamate bones happen, the players immediately lose the strength in their hand - but that wasn't the case with mcNann.

“But once the game started, [with] the adrenaline, it was there but it wasn’t prohibitive,” McCann said. “When I first said something was on Tuesday, when I could feel it when I was catching. That’s when I said it was something I needed to voice.

If I can feel it while catching a baseball, that’s something I need to say”. After receiving the diagnosis, McNann admitted he was caught off guard. “It caught me off guard, for sure,” McCann said.

“It’s definitely not what I was expecting. Especially the hamate, to this day I still pass the strength test. It’s something we had kind of written off as far as being a thing. “I don’t know when it happened.

The doctor said I’ve been dealing with it for a while. It finally just got to the point where the pain tolerance, I just couldn’t do it anymore”. The Mets own a 23-13 record and sit at No. 1 of the NL East standings.