Martin Perez to coach: I’m gonna do this for you and for your family

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Martin Perez to coach: I’m gonna do this for you and for your family

Martin Pérez once again showed how good a player he is, and he showed a phenomenal performance against the Houston Astros. Texas Rangers showed maturity, good performance, and deservedly won in the end. Perez had something to say after the game and it was clear that his self-confidence was at its peak.

The most important thing is that he thanked his coach for whom he had only words of praise. “I told him [Woodward], ‘You’re special [to] me and I’m gonna do this for you and for your family,’” Pérez said, as quoted by

“I’m just going to thank God for giving me a chance to go out there and perform tonight for him. I’ve had a lot of coaches in my career. I can say he’s one of the best, one of the top of my list. I’m proud to be here and to share with him these moments”.

Woodward on Perez

Rangers manager Chris Woodward had confidence in his player, Martin Perez, which turned out to be a good decision in the end. Woodward is very pleased with Perez's game and of course the most is expected of him in the rest of the season.

“He deserved that opportunity,” Woodward said. “Those things don’t happen very often, a complete-game shutout. Maybe all the analytics will tell you to take him out right there, but he’s been so good for us.

He’s built up a ton of trust in a short amount of time with me. So I felt like I owed it to him. In an age of ‘Follow the numbers,’ I felt like you follow your gut on that one. It could be special, and he did it”.

It will be interesting to see Perez and his chances in the next matches. All this will certainly cause optimism among the fans who expect the best from their team.