Michael King on his teammate: He is not from Planet Earth

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Michael King on his teammate: He is not from Planet Earth

The New York Yankees pitcher, Michael King is a great player with great potential. This time for mlb.com he talked about his colleague Aaron Judge and his importance to the club and the league. Judge has proven to be a true leader and someone who can help the team with his leadership.

King hopes to play with him for the rest of his life.
“I would also assume that Judge is from Mars because he is not from Planet Earth. His locker-room presence is just elite, he was a natural-born leader. When I first got called up in ’19, he stops me right as soon as I walk into the clubhouse and like daps me up and he said: “ ’Bout damn time!” He’s the face of the MLB right now.

He’s just an incredible person, and I hope that I’m his teammate for the rest of my life,” King said in his interview with The New York Post.

COVID year

2020 was a tough year for everyone, not just athletes, and King didn’t seem to be able to give his best in those moments.

He was trying to work on these things, he had a lot of mental pressure and maybe King didn’t even know how to deal with everything. “My whole 2020 season, that COVID year, it was a very tough year for me. I felt like I got too mental where I was trying to make adjustments every game, and I never once just went out there and had that aggressive mentality, and it’s not fun to pitch in because you’re facing the best hitters in baseball, and I’m up there thinking about my mechanics or thinking about how I have to be sooo perfect on this pitch instead of just attacking with conviction”. A lot is expected from King and we hope that he will have a long career without injuries.