Roger Clemens after his son’s debut: Kody worked really hard to get here

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Roger Clemens after his son’s debut: Kody worked really hard to get here

Roger Clemens experienced beautiful moments after his son made his debut for the Detroit Tigers. Kody Clemens had something to say after the game and is happy with the result. "It was great, I had a blast the whole game, just taking it all in," Kody Clemens said for ESPN.

"Super happy that we won, and I had so much fun out there." Tigers manager A.J. Hinch is pleased with Clemens. "He was good. There was no anxiousness, or no fear, and he was happy," Hinch said. "He was bouncing around. It's his major-league debut, why wouldn't you be happy?" Roger Clemens was as proud as any father.

"I'm just really happy for him; he's worked really hard to get here, and it has finally happened for him," he said. "We got everyone into scramble mode yesterday to get up here." "This is like a second home to me, because I had an aunt who lived here, and I always stayed in her basement when we were here instead of the team hotel," he said.

"And I went for my 300th (win) here, and of course, down the road (at Tiger Stadium), I had my 20-strikeout game."
"He handled it nicely," Hinch said on Clemens' debut. "And he's going to be back in there (Wednesday) in left field."

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Roger Clemens added: "Definitely some butterflies, first time in the box there, first at-bat," he said.

"Got a good pitch to hit, had a good swing on it, was super happy with that." It is clear that the older Clemens has a winning mentality and that he instilled that in his son as well. "We've had very different experiences, but we discussed the same thing we always talk about: If you are going to be in the major leagues, you might as well win," the elder Clemens said. "Find a way to do it."