Alek Manoah: The coaches try to calm me down, but then I become more aggressive

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Alek Manoah: The coaches try to calm me down, but then I become more aggressive

Alek Manoah, although relatively new in the world of MLB, has shown his qualities in many matches this season and he is expected to continue at the same pace. Most were thrilled with his game and talent, and Manoah had something to say “When guys get on base, I just get angry,” Alek Manoah said, as quoted by firstsportz.

“I find a way to control that competitiveness and that fire, and I feel like I’m at my best when I can do that. Just being able to go out there and eat a ton of innings is what I kind of what I build everything around”.

Kansas City Royal’s outfielder Kyle Isbel is also impressed with the way Manoah played the match against the Kansas City Royals. The Toronto Blue Jay can be overjoyed with the kind of player they have on the roster.

“Alek Manoah is one of the best in the league right now, he had a lot working for him tonight. Didn’t really miss over the plate much. Two-seam was running good, got a lot of lefties front hip. Sliders kept people off-balance.

He was running the heater to all quadrants of the zone. He was tough. That’s a good pitcher”.

Manoah and agression

Manoah is too competitive and has too much desire and will to win. In all this, Alek knows how to be aggressive, but he tries to change it and become the best player possible.

“A lot of coaches in the process tried to calm me down, Coaches trying to calm me down made me not want to calm down, but then I was getting too aggressive and showing too much. I’m continuing to do a lot of meditation and stuff like that to control my mindset, control my thoughts and control my heart rate.

When I’m ultra-competitive and can still control it, that’s when I’m at my best”.