John Sax, son of Dodgers legend Steve Sax, among five US Marines killed

John Sax tragically lost his life during a training flight crash.

by Dzevad Mesic
John Sax, son of Dodgers legend Steve Sax, among five US Marines killed

Ex-Los Angeles Dodgers second baseman Steve Sax announced that his son was among five United States Marines that tragically lost their lives during a training flight crash. Sax, 62, said his 33-year-old son John Sax always dreamed about being a pilot and defending his homeland.

"It is with complete devastation that I announce that my precious son, Johnny was one of the five US Marines that perished on Wednesday, June 8, in the Osprey Military crash near San Diego," Steve Sax said in a statement published Saturday by CBSLA-TV.

"For those of you that knew Johnny, you saw his huge smile, bright light, his love for his family, the Marines, the joy of flying airplanes and defending our country! He was my hero and the best man I know, there was no better person to defend our country."

Steve Sax: There was no doubt my son would become a pilot

From a very young age, John Sax wanted to be a pilot.

John Sax accomplished his goal of becoming a pilot and his dad was happy to see his son fulfill his dream, but now admits the tragic loss of his son will forever change his life. "There was never any doubt from a young age that Johnny would be a pilot and his passion was to fly!" Sax said.

"This loss will change my life forever and is a loss to not only the Marines but this world!" Sax played for the Dodgers between 1981-1988. Sax enjoyed pretty successful years during his time with the Dodgers and his former team offered condolences following his tragic loss.

"The Los Angeles Dodgers are saddened to hear about the passing of Steve Sax's son, John, and the five Marines who lost their lives in this week's tragic helicopter accident. Our thoughts and condolences go out to their families and friends," the Dodgers said in a tweet Saturday.