Derek Jeter on his documentary 'The Captain': "I wanted to capture it so I can.."

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Derek Jeter on his documentary 'The Captain': "I wanted to capture it so I can.."

Derek Jeter’s documentary ‘The Captain’ had its premiere recently. There are high expectations from this film in which Jeter talks about his career. He also explained the main motive for shooting this documentary “I wanted to capture it so I can have it in the future and share it with my girls when they get older, because they probably wouldn’t believe most of my career,” Jeter said for

However, Jeter was careful during the filming. Not all things came to the surface. “There was a lot I refused to talk about,” Jeter said.

Derek Jeter on Yankees fans

Jeter is happy for the daily support he has from Yankees fans.

They have not forgotten everything he has given to this club in 20 years. Jeter is a legend of this club, and many will be interested in details from his career, and everything we could not see on TV. We are expecting a great documentary, and according to the reactions of the viewers, we will surely be delighted.

“I have a special relationship with the Yankee fans. You guys are everywhere,” Jeter said. “The last game I played in at Yankee Stadium was the only game that I played in that stadium, over 20 years, where we were mathematically eliminated.

But it meant something to the fans and the atmosphere in that last game was like a playoff game”. The Captain is directed by Randy Wilkins, who is aware of the importance of this documentary, and was fully committed to creating a story that will impress everyone.

“I understand the importance and the responsibility of telling his story," he said. "I took that very seriously, out of respect for him and his great family, but also as a storyteller. You have to tell the story correctly and connect with the audience. I feel like we did that tonight”.