Sam Kennedy on Alex Cora and Chaim Bloom relationship

“When we’re not playing well, it’s frustrating"

by Sead Dedovic
Sam Kennedy on Alex Cora and Chaim Bloom relationship

The Boston Red Sox obviously need reinforcements if they want to be competitive. There is a lot of talk about them and about some things that could follow in the team. One of the main topics is Alex Cora and his desire for new reinforcements that they need.

There were even stories in the media that he and Chaim Bloom were not on good terms. Red Sox president and CEO Sam Kennedy denied such allegations: “I’ve been in baseball since 1993 and typically the perception that sports figures are talking to each other through the media in the organizations that I’ve seen is just never true,” Kennedy said on Tuesday." Kennedy stated that the duo is in excellent relations and that there are no conflicts between them.

The atmosphere in the team is also at a satisfactory level. “And I can say with absolute certainty that Chaim and Alex Cora have perhaps the best manager/general manager relationship that I’ve seen in my time here.

They’ve got an incredibly open dialogue, and honest dialogue and all of us talk all the time on a daily basis, so everyone is on the same page. …”

Kennedy on the team

The most important thing is that he believes in the team and hopes for progress.

Everyone in the club is giving their best and is ready to do anything for the success of the Red Sox. “When we’re not playing well, it’s frustrating,” Kennedy later added. “But we believe in this team, we believe in Alex, and in terms of Chaim Bloom and the entire baseball ops front office, they have a close relationship with the staff and are in touch all the time and no one is talking to each other through the media, I can assure you of that.

If we express frustration publicly, that’s because we’re frustrated”. Some still believe that there really is a conflict within the team, but that Kennedy is trying to calm passions.