Wife of MLB star passed away: 'She was beloved by the Giants family'

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Wife of MLB star passed away: 'She was beloved by the Giants family'

Tim Lincecum, a former MLB player, confirmed the death of his wife, Cristin Coleman, who was suffering from cancer (two months ago). The club where he spent the longest part of his career, the San Francisco Giants, expressed their condolences through social media.

“The Giants were extremely saddened to learn of the passing of Tim Lincecum’s wife, Cristin Coleman. Our deepest condolences go out to Tim, Cristin’s family and all those whose lives she touched as a friend and teacher”.

'She was beloved by the Giants family and her caring and genuine spirit touched those of us who were fortunate enough to know her during her and Timmy's year with us'

Parents' message

Randy and Sue Coleman (her parents) sent a message.

She was a brave woman who fought cancer. Cristin never showed too much fear, but she felt sad because she had to leave her relatives and friends. “During her illness, Cristin never expressed fear, anger, or self-pity, but she was deeply sad to be leaving all of us so soon and for causing us to grieve”.

“And she was profoundly grateful for all your love and support – ‘Washington people have such big hearts.’ It was never about her,” the Colemans wrote. “It was about Love – Love for her family, her friends, her hundreds of students and their families, and her many professional colleagues”.

"She had a keen inteligence and a kind, compassionate way- a lightness of being- that enabled her to navigate life gracefully, always looking for ways to help and support others" Tim Lincecum's in-laws said: “Cristin told me she wasn’t afraid because she was leaving all her love to us, the lucky ones whose lives and hearts she touched”. In addition to losing his wife, Lincecum also lost his brother in 2018. A real tragedy indeed..