The Texas Rangers fired the manager: "We did not come into this season thinking.."

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The Texas Rangers fired the manager: "We did not come into this season thinking.."

The Texas Rangers decided on an interesting move. Namely, the club decided to fire the manager, Chris Woodward. Third-base coach Tony Beasley will be the interim manager. Rangers president of baseball operations Jon Daniels expected the team to improve this season and make a big step forward.

The club still has high aspirations, and they hope to find a solution to the crisis they are in. "We did not come into this season thinking we had put together a championship roster," he said, quoted by news.cgtn. "We thought we'd taken a major step forward in talent from where we were a year ago.

We've certainly had aspirations maybe to overachieve some and still do have those, but we were, and continue to be, realistic about where we are. ... That said, we did think that we'd be better than our record, and better than the way that we've played at times."

Rangers general manager on the team

Rangers general manager Chris Young emphasized that the team has a special way of doing business and work.

They want to create an environment and atmosphere that will be victorious. It can be seen that there is a lot of effort and work within the team, but it is obvious that they need many more things in order to stabilize. "I think it's just the overall structure, the environment," Rangers general manager Chris Young said. "It's not necessarily the content of the preparation, but the way it's utilized.

The way we utilize meetings, the way we utilize different resources throughout the day, creating a structure that's really tailored towards winning a game every single day when we come in, and we felt like at times that got a little loose." Many are hoping for change now that Chris Woodward has left. They will have to find the right solution for the future.