The big MLB star decided to retire at the age of 34!

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The big MLB star decided to retire at the age of 34!

Dellin Betances has officially confirmed that he is retiring. Betances has had an amazing career; The Yankees and Mets were his destination where he showed all the splendor of his talent. Many reactions followed from the MLB world, and here are some from Twitter; Pinstripe Alley believes Betances has been vastly underrated throughout his career: "Betances probably influenced modern baseball more than we'll ever know.

The way the Yankees deployed him, D-Rob, Miller and others changed the game. Hat tip to one of the underrated innovators who never got the money he probably deserved" Sung Min Kim recalled the long-ago moments when he first heard about Betances. "Betances was one of the first players I remember reading about before getting drafted.

not as much info on amateur players back in '06, but reading about a 6'8'' high schooler from ny who threw 98 is not that easy to forget. I'm glad he had a very fruitful career in the majors."

Brendan Kuty on Betances

Brendan Kuty thinks the Yankees should hire Betances as a coach.

It would certainly be an excellent job, given his experience and quality. "If Dellin Betances wants to do it, Yankees would be smart to hire him in some kind of coaching capacity. Huge prospect. Struggled. Remade himself into 4-time All-Star reliever.

Homegrown. NYC kid. One of the all-time good clubhouse guys Foolish Baseball expressed its sadness on its official Twitter page over the retirement of a great player. Betances meant a lot to the modern MLB world. He could have had an even bigger career if the injuries hadn't been there, but injuries are also an integral part of an athlete's career. "Sad to see it come to an end.

Dellin Betances is 1 of 5 relievers with multiple 130+ strikeouts seasons, with the others being Dick Radatz, Goose Gossage, Rob Dibble, and Josh Hader."