Albert Pujols: "I'm not surprised with..."


Albert Pujols: "I'm not surprised with..."

Cardinals player Albert Pujols hit the 693rd regular season home run of his career. Pujols revealed what he told Molina. “I told [catcher] Yadi [Molina], ‘I should have hit [the second-inning line drive] a little more to the right, and maybe it would have gotten out,” Pujols said after his amazing performance, as quoted by “That’s the adjustment I made -- I hit it a little more to the right -- and it went out of the ballpark”.

Chicago's Drew Smyly commented on his performance “But, he's The Machine for a reason," Smyly said. "He's back." Pujols doesn't bother with unimportant things and focuses on his game. “I don’t think about [the different pitchers],” Pujols admitted.

“Hopefully, if I’m in the lineup [for Tuesday’s doubleheader], maybe I can hit another home run off someone who I haven’t faced. I do my homework, put in the work, trust the process and execute no matter who I’m facing”.

Jordan Montgomery on Albert Pujols

Jordan Montgomery praised Pujols. “To be doing it as long as he has and being as good as long as he has and breaking all the records, it’s honestly an honor to be his teammate,” said Montgomery of Pujols.

To be seeing this from the best seat in the house -- and he saved my butt on that last out -- is amazing”. Pujols is not surprised by his good performances and obviously has a lot of confidence. “No matter if I’m playing or not, I’m going to come over here and do my work, and that’s what I’ve done for 22 years to keep my swing sharp,” he said.

“I don’t [surprise myself]. When you have been anointed the talent by the Lord -- special talent that he has blessed me with -- add that to the hard work and dedication, I don’t get surprised at all”.