Tony Gonsolin will be out due to injury: The coach is optimistic

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Tony Gonsolin will be out due to injury: The coach is optimistic

Los Angeles Dodgers right-hander Tony Gonsolin will not be part of the team in the next match, as he suffered a forearm strain. Gonsolin is an optimist and does not expect a long recovery and hopes for a quick return. “We just came to the conclusion that it would probably be best to skip this one, and since we’re doing that, might as well give it a break for 15 days,” Gonsolin said as quoted by “Just give it that two-week break”.

Manager Dave Roberts is aware of the importance of such a player in the team and hopes that things will not be more serious. The team will definitely need Roberts during the season. “He’s gone so hard all year,” Roberts said.

“So to make that IL move, to skip two starts, it just didn’t seem like a whole lot of cost, and hopefully that’ll kind of reset him and get him ready for the postseason”.


Innings count is what many emphasize.

“Obviously this is uncharted territory for him,” Roberts said of the innings count. “I think the one part of it is, yeah, you do lose a little bit of momentum to the season you’re having, but I think the most important part is we’ve got to do what we can to keep him healthy.

If he’s healthy, then we’ll bet on the performance”. The coach now has dilemmas about what to do in the future. Some players are available, and it will be a difficult choice. “We have a decision either to forgo that and not give guys extra rest, or insert someone else, whether it’s Michael or somebody else, to kind of fill that void,” Roberts said. “Those are talks right now and we’ll see how guys come out of their next starts to figure out which way we go”.