The Seattle Mariners signed Kolten Wong in a great trade


The Seattle Mariners signed Kolten Wong in a great trade

The Seattle Mariners show their ambitions and how focused they are on the next challenges. One of the last moves is the hiring of Kolten Wong, who comes from the Milwaukee Brewers, in a trade for Jesse Winker and Abraham Toro.

The general manager of Seattle believes that Wong will be a real reinforcement for the team. “Second base is really an area that we’ve struggled to get production out of, particularly offensively,” Seattle general manager Justin Hollander said, as quoted by

"His game really seems to be trending upward year after year offensively, particularly against right-handed pitching. He’s learning to elevate the ball. He makes a ton of contact”. - Hollander believes that this will be an ideal season for Wong.

“I think he owned it at the end of the season. He didn’t have the kind of year, particularly with his hands, that his own expectations are for himself,” Hollander said. “He brought it up to me on the phone that he’s prepared to be much better defensively next year.

He’s always been an outstanding defender”.

Matt Arnold on the team

Brewers president of baseball operations Matt Arnold is aware of how important it is to have a wide roster. “A lot of our players in our mix who have a lot of flexibility — you guys know that we value that very much as a franchise,”-Matt Arnod said.

"Having added depth across the entire infield is something that we feel really good about”. Winker also did not have an ideal season, but he is ready to be fit again. “When you’re dealing with things like that, it challenges the fun of the game,” Winker said.

“But like I said, this is a no-excuse league. I didn’t have a good year. I had a bad year. So I got some things taken care of and I’m looking forward to being healthy”.

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