Jesse Winker on his spinal surgery: There was no other option

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Jesse Winker on his spinal surgery: There was no other option

There were some doubts in Jesse Winker's mind about whether or not he would opt for spinal surgery, considering that it is not common for MLB players to have such a problem. In the end, Winker decided to go under the knife nonetheless after consulting with doctors and learning about the success rate of surgeries of this type.

Clearly, he was in a state of extreme pain and he was no longer able to bear it. He will be very happy with how things turned out for him, which is what matters most. “[The doctors] told me the numbers, they told me the success rate.

And I was very encouraged,Winker said, as quoted by “I mean, when you're hearing about the neck, it's pretty scary. But after talking to my surgeon and doing the research on my own, I felt confident in it.

And it was something that was [either] deal with what I was dealing with or get the procedure. There was no other option that I was comfortable with. I was happy I did it, because it's crazy how it all worked out. You kind of wake up from it, and you can already feel a difference”.

Winker and his problems

There was a weakness in his arms, and he had difficulty looking to his right or upward. “That's what's scary,” he said. “It was hard, man”. The most important thing is that he is healthy now.

“I'm feeling strong,” Winker said. “I'm feeling healthy. It's the first time I can comfortably say that in a minute. So, I'm thrilled about that”. His return to action is still uncertain, and the doctors will be making the final decision regarding his return to the field.

“I think as a player it's your job to always kind of keep that, no matter what,” Winker said. “Winning is a ton of fun, and this team here has already done a ton of winning. They've been in the playoffs a lot since I've been in the big leagues, and they've won a ton of baseball games. So, I'm looking forward to helping any way that I can”.