George Springer on problems in 2022: It's not fun to play with injuries

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George Springer on problems in 2022: It's not fun to play with injuries

Throughout the majority of the year 2022, George Springer was unlucky. In addition to the injury that Springer sustained, he was also involved in a serious collision on the field which caused him to end up in the hospital.

It seems that he is ready to show his full capacity this season, and that makes the team's manager especially happy. “We’re talking about damage, on-base, energy, presence -- a guy who can work an at-bat who just rubs off on everyone one through nine,” said manager John Schneider, as quoted by “You’re looking at one of the best leadoff hitters in the game over the last handful of years.

I think if you have him in there regularly, you’re off to a really good start”. It was not easy to perform when you are plagued by injuries. Springer understood how much injuries can "disrupt" a player. “I’m not going to complain about it now, but it wasn’t fun,” Springer said. “It’s not fun to play with anything that’s bothering you.

I learned fast that it’s really hard to play baseball with a bad arm, but it’s all good. It’s in the past. I’m just glad I was able to get through it and contribute to some degree”.

John Schneider: Springer wanted to grind it out

Despite everything, Springer wanted to perform, which shows how willing he is to make sacrifices for the team.

Managers appreciate such things. “In a perfect world, he probably would have had something done in the middle of the season last year,” Schneider said. “To his credit, he wanted to grind it out and understood where we were in the standings.

It was tough for him, for sure. His performance probably suffered a little bit, whether it was offense or defense. That’s the kind of teammate he is”.