Ke'Bryan Hayes: I’m not really worried about individual award stuff

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Ke'Bryan Hayes: I’m not really worried about individual award stuff

Ke'Bryan Hayes is a great player with many awards behind him. However, Hayes is not a player who is focused on individual awards. His primary goal is to help the team. “All I can do is play to the best of my ability, help my team win games,” Hayes said, as quoted by “I’m not really worried about individual award stuff.

I want to get to the playoffs, eventually play in a World Series. All that other stuff just comes with it”. Hayes didn't manage to win the Gold and Platinum Gloves, and his manager thinks he really deserved it. "Disappointed.

Frustrated. I think he should have won it. If you look at some of the metrics, he led third basemen in that. I realize and respect that Nolan won it. He’s won it many years. He’s an elite third baseman. Probably one of the best I’ve ever watched.

I thought Key’s last year -- and I’m always going to defend our own guy -- was a situation where he should have won it. Maybe I can start the campaign for the ’23 season now”. -Shelton said.

Ke'Bryan Hayes and his injury

Hayes had a lot of problems with a back injury last season.

Now he decided to change some things. He believes that the biggest reason was heavier weights, which he is currently trying to avoid. “I kind of went to more of a one-on-one coaching in the weight room type of thing. That way, every rep is being watched to a T.

… I wasn’t having to lift a whole bunch of crazy weight, but just doing it the right way, the right form is the same thing”. His goal is to improve his game this season. “I want to be an all-around player.

I want to hit better and be able to steal bases -- I want to steal even more bases, if I can, this year. I just want to improve every year in all facets of my game”.