Wander Franco on the recovery process and the mental aspect


Wander Franco on the recovery process and the mental aspect
Wander Franco on the recovery process and the mental aspect

Wander Franco is one of the greatest potentials. The talent he possessed was noticed by many and he made it clear to the viewers that there were a lot of expectations for him in the future. The problem with him, however, was that he suffered a lot of injuries in the year 2022.

He feels that he is at his maximum level of readiness at the moment “I worked hard this offseason to hopefully have a good, full year,” Franco said, as quoted by mlb.com "Trying to not be injured, trying to avoid all that.

That’s why I worked as hard as I did." Manager Kevin Cash emphasized that the team did not give any recommendations to his player. Franco is certainly highly motivated and wants to help his team. "I don't think anybody gave him a direct message: ‘Hey, you need to do this with your preparation,'"-Kevin Cash said.

"We’re all going to continue to learn about Wander, but I’m confident saying he is highly motivated. He's got a lot of pride, and he wants to be the best player he can be as quickly as he can be. And I think he recognized some things last year that made it more challenging than not, just because of the wear and tear of playing every day, the turf, all those things.

I think he made some calculated decisions to try to adjust off of, and come in more prepared and equipped for this season." Franco confirmed it in his own words: "I’m the same weight, but I think I’m more toned than I was last year.

I’m very different, but very ready."

Injuries and mental aspects

Sometimes injuries are hard to deal with. Especially younger players get frustrated because of this. “It was very frustrating. Sometimes, you need to trust in God to let it go.

That’s my goal this year, to hopefully last [physically] a little bit better." "Players get frustrated when they get hurt and feel like they can't be themselves, which he wasn't," Cash said. "And then at times, he literally couldn't contribute because he wasn't able to perform.

He tried really hard, and it just wasn't happening for him. But just talking to him and watching him in the cage now, there are a lot of smiles. There is a lot of high energy”.