Andrew McCutchen returns to Pittsburgh Pirates: I didn’t feel as home anywhere else


Andrew McCutchen returns to Pittsburgh Pirates: I didn’t feel as home anywhere else

Andrew McCutchen decided to return to the club where he started his career. The Pittsburgh Pirates will be his new destination. McCutchen could not hide his satisfaction with his return. He expects great things. “I didn’t feel as home anywhere else,” McCutchen said, as quoted by “The only place I was at for very long was in Philly, and even that felt pretty short.

It was three years. I had the [left knee] ACL injury halfway through the [2019] season, then we had the 60-game season the next year in '20, then I finally played a full season in 2021. It didn’t feel like I was really there very long.

So, yeah, it’s great to be here. It’s great to be back. ”

Andrew McCutchen on his first steps

McCutchen recalled his first moments and how eager he was to prove himself. Even then it was clear that he was a great talent.

“I remember warming up and I was skipping and jumping as high as I possibly could. Then, we were doing a little running and I was trying to be first. I remember some guys had smirks on their faces wondering what I was trying to prove.

It turned out I didn’t have to prove anything. Most guys were going through the motions trying to get ready for the season and I was trying to make the team. But I was 19”. McCutchen will try to help this team with his experience.

He believes that the team deserved much better results, and he wants to be the main factor in the team's progress. “I’m able to be that voice to let them know that I know what it feels like to lose, but I also know what it feels like to win,” McCutchen said.

“I think there’s a lot I can do, a lot that I can bring. I’m excited for it because I do think this is a ballclub that shouldn’t lose 100 games. I’ve said that before. They shouldn’t lose 100 games.

This is a good ballclub. I think it’s a matter of letting guys know that, having that belief that they can win. I’m looking forward to it”.

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