MLB player, Anderson Comas comes out as gay

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MLB player, Anderson Comas comes out as gay

In recent years, a growing number of public figures and athletes have decided to speak publicly about their sexual orientation. They want to demonstrate courage and determination by doing this. Besides revealing who they are, they also wish to break prejudices about homosexuals by exposing what they are and what they stand for.

The minor league pitcher Anderson Comás was recently one of those who decided to confirm that he is gay via the social media platform Instagram. His aim is to encourage others to do the same in the same way he has done it.

"I'm doing this cause I wanna be an inspiration for those like me out there [fighting] for their dreams," Comás wrote. "Fight for your dreams. Believe in yourself and go for it."

Chris Getz supported Anderson Comas

As soon as he admitted that he was gay, he received a lot of support messages from people.

Comas was congratulated by his colleagues and friends for the courage and determination he showed throughout the process. Chris Getz, the team's assistant general manager of player development, revealed that Comas had previously revealed to the club that he was gay.

In light of this, they consider him a man of courage for deciding to speak openly about the matter this time around. As much as one could predict negative reactions, Comas was supported by a large number of people. "Anderson first shared his news with us last year," Getz said. "And I was very pleased that he was comfortable sharing with us in player development.

I also was happy at the reaction across the organization, which as you would expect was to support, help and congratulate a teammate. With his social media post today, we all are so proud of Anderson and that he is comfortable sharing such an important personal part of his life so openly."