Anthony Rizzo explains how he kept Aaron Judge on the team with a picture of dogs


Anthony Rizzo explains how he kept Aaron Judge on the team with a picture of dogs

Anthony Rizzo is the most responsible for the stay of Aaron Judge. Rizzo went for the emotional card and managed to keep Aaron in the club through certain messages and pictures of his dog playing with Judge's. “It’s funny that became such a big story,” Rizzo said, as quoted by “I mean, it’s true, I did send pictures to kind of guilt him a little bit, but ultimately I was rooting for him to make the decision that was going to make him and [Judge’s wife] Sam happy”.

Rizzo was shocked to learn that Judge might be going elsewhere. However, it didn't take long for him to turn things around. “I was texting with one of the guys [in December] and he said, ‘I think he’s gone.

I’m like, ‘What?’ It had been a few days since we exchanged texts or calls. I didn’t see any of the reports that people were talking about, so I just called Aaron and talked to him. The next 24 to 48 hours, it all went down”.

Anthony Rizzo and Aaron Judge

Rizzo did not forget to praise his teammate who is currently one of the best players. They knew how much Judge meant to them. “It became a priority right away. I think everyone has seen Anthony come in and become a leader on this team, having success playing here.

He’s become entrenched with his teammates and with the organization. The left-handed piece, the defender that he is, the leader that he is – he’s such a glue player for us”. Returning to the Yankees was never a dilemma for him and his family.

“I definitely wanted to come back here,” Rizzo said. “We love the whole atmosphere in the city, outside the field, then showing up to Yankee Stadium every day -- it’s top-notch”.