Alek Manoah on expectations for the future

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Alek Manoah on expectations for the future
Alek Manoah on expectations for the future

Alek Manoah has become a serious player, and it can be said that much is still expected of him. Manoah had a great 22', but his goal is to be even better. The priority is how to help the team. “Unless you go out and put up a 0.00 ERA with 31 wins, there’s areas to work on,Manoah said, as quoted by “For me, it was about how we can maximize all of my pitches, not just the ones that are already really good.

We’re continuing to add to those and to my focus of backing up bases, getting over to cover, eliminating those free bases. It’s the really small things that, over the span of a Major League season, can add up and get magnified in the playoffs”.

Manoah wants everyone on the team to give their maximum and work with dedication. The team's ambitions are much higher this season, and Manoah could be an important link on the road to success. “When you’re trying to make the club, everything is result-based.

You have to go get a bunch of outs. Now, for everybody here, let’s just go get work. Let’s build the arms up and the innings up. Let’s get the work in, get the pitches in, get a feel for your body and your mechanics”.

John Schneider on Alek Manoah

Manager John Schneider noticed many positive things about Manoah. Alek wants to be a leader. His personality is also much different from everyone else's. “Confidence is never an issue with him,” John Schneider said.

“It’s just about being a little more well-versed in his routines. He’s speaking up more and taking a bit more of a leadership role, which is great. He’s a big part of what we do. You see his personality.

He embraces the fact that he had a really good year last year and the guys are going to gravitate towards him”.