What role will Giancarlo Stanton play next season?

“I think I have more of a flow when I’m an outfielder,” Stanton said

by Sead Dedovic
What role will Giancarlo Stanton play next season?

The Yankees have serious ambitions this season. Giancarlo Stanton will be a key figure in achieving the goals. Aaron Judge, his teammate, is aware of Stanton's quality and said that the team can get the most out of this player.

“I did mention it to them about, ‘If we need to get Big G in right field at Yankee Stadium, put me in left,’” Judge said, as quoted by mlb.com “I don’t mind it. I don’t mind switching around so we can have me, [center fielder Harrison Bader] and Big G out there.

We’ll get some reps, hopefully, in Spring Training and get comfortable out there”. Stanton believes that he is much more useful as an outfielder, and thus will have a greater impact on the game.
“I think I have more of a flow when I’m an outfielder,” Stanton said.

“Being an outfielder, you’re more engaged in the game, whereas [as the] DH, you’re inside a lot of the time staying warm and hitting, kind of watching the game from the TV”.

Stanton and his motivation

He is equally motivated to help his team despite all the troubles.

“It’ll continue to be similar as last year,” Stanton said. “I hit a road bump with the [left Achilles] injury there [in July], but you’ve got to build up to a similar game plan and see what we can accomplish, putting us in the best scenario to win each night -- wherever that is in the lineup”.

Boone has no plans for Stanton to play in spacious left field, although that was the case a couple of times last season.
“I’m open to things like that, especially in the home ballpark,” Boone said. “So we’ll see.

It’s something that I would say I’m at least considering, and we’ll just see how that goes in letting that play out and getting guys reps in different spots. So no decision on that yet, but it is something that’s on my board”.