Miles Mikolas extends his contract for two years

"I’ve been a Cardinals fan for a long time"

by Sead Dedovic
Miles Mikolas extends his contract for two years

St. Louis Cardinals have confirmed the information about the contract extension with Miles Mikolas, which made their fans very happy. Namely, Mikolas extended the contract for two years. This decision is not surprising, given the influence Mikolas has on the team and how much he means to the Cardinals.

“It really is the perfect situation that I found here,” Mikolas said, as quoted by “Some guys have Spring Training away from home and have a little apartment, but to be able to call your Spring Training home your hometown -- something that enables you to keep the kids in school and stay in one place a little longer, and the friends and family are around -- that’s something we’re able to do here.

Then, when we head to St. Louis, I have family there, and the kids really like it. So it really is the best of both worlds for me and the family”.

Cardinals president John Mozeliak is happy

Cardinals president John Mozeliak also expressed happiness after Mikolas' contract extension.

From the very first day, Miles Mikolas has shown how much he loves this team and what he is willing to do for the Cardinals. “Being able to extend Miles is something that [chairman] Bill [DeWitt Jr.] and the organization thought was very important to do.

When you think about how dominant [Mikolas] was, and he was an All-Star for the National League [in 2022], a couple of things really came to mind after that season. Here is someone who truly wanted to be a St. Louis Cardinal from Day 1.

That’s something that’s important to us. When someone wants to be here, that’s something we try to make happen. Then, when you think back to the earlier extension he signed with us after coming over from Japan, he’s always been betting on himself and winning”.

While he still had an adventure in Japan, Mikolas knew where he would return. The Cardinals' were his dream since he was a boy. He will never forget his debut for his team. “It’s a combination of a few dreams come true.

Opening Day in St. Louis is a special day, something I’ve seen since the first day I got to experience it myself. To help us get off on the right foot would be tremendous for me. And as far as the extension goes, this is where I’ve always wanted to play.

I grew up here, getting pulled out of school to come and see the Spring Training games. I’ve been a Cardinals fan for a long time. Coming back from Japan, this is the place that I wanted to be, and this is the place I want to stay”.