Valteri Bottas reveals impressions about Alfa Romeo

“For me, it was quite limited running that we had"

by Sead Dedovic
Valteri Bottas reveals impressions about Alfa Romeo

Valtteri Bottas will play for Alfa Romeo this season. He still doesn’t seem to have anything concrete to say, but Bottas seems optimistic and expects a lot this season “It feels like we are still in very early stages of actually discovering the car,” Bottas said, as quoted by motorsport “For me, it was quite limited running that we had, only with two different tyre compounds, and only with very few set-up changes.

So there’s still so much more to discover. “That’s why we are really aiming to work hard between the test and hopefully get a better understanding in Bahrain. “There’s work to do. I’m not saying anything against that.

But also I feel there is potential in this package. I’m looking forward to discovering more about it with the team”.

Frederic Vasseur on car problems

Team principal Frederic Vasseur believes he will solve the problems they have with the car.

Alfa Romeo has a promising team and they could do a lot this season “It’s our challenge, but I’m quite confident that we’ll be able to do it for next week,” Vasseur said. “We have the filming day today, we’ll put the car back on-track today.

But for Bahrain, I think we’ll be on the right way. “We spoke about bouncing, but it’s always the case with the new regulations, you have new issues coming in. I think in two or three races, nobody will speak again about bouncing.

We’ll have another issue or topic to discuss. “But we have to fix it, and we saw on our side and the other teams, everybody made big improvements over the first three days and will come back next week, all the teams with a new configuration to fix it completely”. There is not much left until the beginning of the season, we will see who can do the most this season

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