Doctors reveal Marc Marquez's condition after a brutal accident!

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Doctors reveal Marc Marquez's condition after a brutal accident!

Marc Marquez after a brutal accident in Indonesia has suffered a recurrence of diplopia (double vision). MotoGP doctor Claudio Costa gave his prognosis for Marquez Seeing as it’s a very light form, I think it might be an oedema of the musculature, something that has strained the old scarring,” Dr Costa told Corriere dello Sport.

“I think it could be resolved in a lot less than three months. He might wake up tomorrow and see clearly”. The injury is such that it is still unknown what could happen, but surgery will not occur "The initial injury [presumably 2011] left scarring and now we have further unfortunate events that only add to it,” he said.

“The fact he doesn’t require surgery is positive. It’s minor and may even be sorted in a short space of time, with the proper treatments and rehabilitation. “But it can also disappear from morning to night, so we hope this is the case, and that it happens soon, so that Marc is once again able to see the world he loves, that of racing, clearly and precisely”.


And after his accident, Doctor Sánchez Dalmau performed a test and it turned out that Marquez has eye damage, but he will still be under observation and we will see in the end what will happen. “The neuro-ophthalmological evaluation carried out on Marc Marquez on Monday after the head injury that occurred at the Indonesian Grand Prix, shows a new episode of diplopia caused by a recurrence of paralysis of the fourth right nerve, with less involvement than the one that occurred in the injury in November 2021.

After this examination, it was initially decided to follow a conservative treatment with periodic medical tests. Next week, Marc Márquez will undergo a new check-up to evaluate the evolution of the injury and to predict the estimated recovery period to return to competition”. We hope that Marquez will pass without serious consequences