Scott Redding: It's hard to accept this

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Scott Redding: It's hard to accept this

Scott Redding is frustrated after another disappointing result, especially because his team worked hard, but it doesn't seem to bring results. In the end, he finished last in Aragon! “This weekend was not what I expected it to go like, even considering we had two days of testing on Monday and Tuesday,” Redding said, as quoted by motorsport.

“Then we come to the race weekend and we lost lap time. So, for me it was hard to accept this. “We worked very hard to try and solve our problem, but we really never got anything to help us through the weekend.

It was hard. “We need to understand why it was different, we need to understand why we are suffering more than with last year’s bike. “There have been some changes on the engine and the bike, so we need to understand why this is happening because the potential is more.

“Then in the last race of the weekend, I just had no grip, the brakes where not working so well and the engine overheated. “That is just how it goes. There is not much more to say. We need to work, understand and try to come back stronger because we don’t deserve to be in this position”.


BMW’s motorsport director Marc Bongers also believes the weather has had a big impact on Redding and the bike. "He cannot find a feel for the bike and especially out of the turns we struggle with the drive.

We have not been able to supply a solution for this, Bongers said. “During the test, which was pretty cold, we did not run into these issues but in the race weekend it got ho**er and we clearly struggled. We have to find a solution for that soon because this is not acceptable for either of us.

“Of course, he is clearly upset. These boys are very motivated, and Scott is a top rider. We have to deliver a bike for him so he can be fast. Because he is professional, he fairly soon calmed down again and then we just have constructive meetings and have to find a way forward”.