Bastianini’s MotoGP crew chief compares Enea to Dovizioso

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Bastianini’s MotoGP crew chief compares Enea to Dovizioso

Enea Bastianini is in great shape and everyone already has high expectations of him. Bastianini works with the ex-Dovizioso crew chief Giribuola. Giribuola compared these two drivers “I think that they are really similar because their riding style is a lot on the braking and using the front tyre on the limit,” Giribuola told Autosport at COTA.

“So, with that I find some similarities with Andrea. “It’s also easier for me to understand what I have to do on the bike because I have history. “They are a little bit different on exiting the corner.

“Enea always stays really a lot on the limit of the rear tyre, sometimes Dovi was a little bit more aggressive. “For, example we suffered a little bit in Argentina because there are some corners where you have to spin a lot to turn with gas and for Enea it’s a bit tricky to do that.

It was a difficult race, but we managed”.

Bastianini vs Dovizioso

It seems that Aeneas is already showing extraordinary mental strength, and that could be a great advantage for him. Dovizioso was the opposite. He thought too much about the consequences that could happen, he was focused on every aspect, but that's what made him a great driver, his 'perfectionism'

Both are excellent drivers with their advantages and disadvantages. But still there are many more advantages. “I think that Enea improved a lot since the beginning of this year,” he added. “He worked a lot on himself, on keeping the calm and analysing the situation and the set-up that we are trying.

“So, he made a step and it’s really nice. “Andrea was more analytical. Sometimes he was overthinking, but thinking about all the aspects. “Enea is more on the feeling, he can tell you really what he is feeling every corner. So, you can understand what is necessary to do”.