Jack Miller about his future in Ducati

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Jack Miller about his future in Ducati

Jack Miller will have to think hard about his future as his contract with Ducati Lenovo ends this season. He will be in a big fight with other drivers for a place in a team. However, Miller doesn’t want to get tired of thinking about it, and is currently focused on his team.

We'll see what the future holds for him. "I wouldn’t care. As you can tell, the bikes are all good. They’re fantastic. I know for a fact that they’re on the same equipment. It doesn’t bother me. As long as I’m in MotoGP getting to live my dream, then that’s the main thing for me.

Getting the opportunity to fight for podiums and be here with all the fans, that’s the main part," Miller said, as quoted by motorsport.

Next seasons and Ducati

After finding himself on the podium, many felt it could influence him to stay on the team after all.

However, the leaders of his team are probably considering various options, and we will see if it is realistic to stay. "I’m just here to ride my motorbike and do the best I can. That’s all. If I get a job next year with Ducati, it is what it is.

I’d be more than happy to stick around. I love the group I’m with. As I said, I’m just focused on this year. Focused on trying to do the best job I can do." He is currently in seventh place in the overall standings but there are still many races to go, and he can improve his result.

"This Championship is so long and so many things can happen. It’s MotoGP in 2022. I’m the tenth rider now on the podium, and we’re at the fourth race. That says it all. This Championship is wide open. The real Championship will start once we get back to Europe and get going through the motions.