Roger Federer on vacation in the Canals of Venice

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Roger Federer on vacation in the Canals of Venice

Roger Federer has now been absent from the tennis courts for some time. With precision, the Swiss champion, twenty times winner of Grand Slam titles, is absent from Wimbledon last year, a tournament where he reached the quarter-finals but was clearly eliminated in three sets (he already had some physical problems) by the Polish revelation Hubert Hurkacz.

The last two years of the 40-year-old Swiss champion have been very troubled and there has been more discussion about Roger off than on the pitch. Many people talk about the tennis player's situation, recently the same Greek tennis player Stefanos Tsitsipas spoke like this about Roger: "I don't know if this is my moment, we need to see more tournaments.

I understand when you talk about the Big Three, but the reality is that the Big Three no longer exist. They are no longer the top three in the ranking and that's why I say so, actually Nadal and Djokovic are still competitive while Roger Federer has been absent from the circuit for a very long time." Federer has been absent for some time and many are hoping for his return.

The Swiss dream would be to return to Wimbledon but at the moment a more plausible hypothesis sees him among the possible protagonists and only after the Laver Cup 2022. This year Rafael Nadal overtook Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic and with the victory of the Australian Open he became the only player in history to have reached 21 Grand Slam titles.

Federer has tried in vain in the last two years to return and even now he dreams perhaps of exploiting opportunities in the Tour, but after the age of 40 a great and extraordinary victory would be quite unlikely.

Roger Federer and the holidays in Italy

Through his official channels the tennis player has posted some beautiful photos where he relaxes in Venice where he is currently in these days.

The post of the Swiss champion was titled La dolce vita and Roger appeared very calm and smiling. The tSwiss Maestro showed some images starring Venice, one of the most beautiful Italian cities. Here is his post:

Roger Federer Roger Federer Roger Federer