Marc Marquez brutally honest after the Portuguese GP

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Marc Marquez brutally honest after the Portuguese GP

Marc Marquez finished 6th in Portugal, although some had high expectations of him, but the Spaniard thinks something completely different: "I know that everybody expected more, but I already said yesterday because people say 'no, it's because he doesn't want to [give anything away]'," he said for motorsport.

"We are not ready to fight for the victory. For the race we made a small change on the bike that helped me. But it was not enough, and from the first laps I was riding uncomfortably. "Even I didn't make a good start, good first lap.

But even like this the speed was not there. "So, since that point I tried to do my best, I tried to build my race, just build my rhythm. "But we finished 16 seconds behind the leader. Yeah, you can put back three, four seconds from the first laps.

"But I didn't have the speed to recover positions. It's not the position we would like to finish, but it was like this. "I mean it's not only me, not only the bike. It's a consequence. When you are in your sweet moment, then everything is working.

Marquez on the race

Marquez still wants to fight for the very top, but he seems to be frustrated by the fact that he is far from it. Let's wait until the end. "But obviously I am not in my sweet moment. And I need the help from the bike.

"Then it's true even like this I try to take the 100% from the bike and even like this I was fighting against the other Hondas. But my target is not to be first Honda. "My target is fighting for the top positions. But all these things, they are not in the correct way now. Also, was a special weekend that we don't test a lot – but nobody did. So, this is not an excuse."

Marc Marquez