Alvaro Bautista: "More important than victory is ..."

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Alvaro Bautista: "More important than victory is ..."

Bautista had a great race and eventually won, but what marked the whole event was the incident between Re and Razgatlioglu. Bautista described seeing everything: “It seems like Toprak went a bit wide, so he went over the kerb, but not out of the track - just on the kerb,” recalled Bautista for motorsport.

“Jonathan was on the inside but behind. “Jonathan was faster, looking for a normal line. But Toprak was on that line [already] so they stayed together in the same place at the same moment - and there is no space for two riders and they touched.

“They touched in the past, but this time it happened [that they crashed]. One time it has to happen because we see many many impacts from them in the past. He added: “[Razgatlioglu] tried to recover the line and Jonathan was on the correct line.

For sure Toprak cannot see if Jonathan is coming or not. “The rider who is behind has to see the other rider. [You cannot just say] ‘Okay, he went out, I just look at the next corner and do my line’. “And the rider on the outside is in front, so he cannot see who is coming from behind, and maybe Toprak thought that if somebody comes, he will see him.

So it is complicated to say something [about who is to blame]”.

Bautista after victory

Although he won, he showed that it was more important to him that he recovered again a good feeling. “On Sunday morning in the warm-up my team changed the set-up of the bike,” said the Spaniard.

“Sometimes you have good luck, sometimes your time. For me right now the championship is not important. “I'm happy not because I won, today I'm happy because I recovered again a good feeling with the bike and that's important.

“This is the important thing to win a championship, to have a good feeling with the bike, to go fast but always stay within the limit - just to have a bit of a margin. “From Friday to Saturday here I didn't have a feeling like in the winter test.

We compared what we had before and what we have now, and there was a big difference. “There was something wrong with the bike but fortunately we found the solution and suddenly this Sunday morning I felt 'boom, again fast'"