Fabio Quartaro: I'm worried about that!

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Fabio Quartaro: I'm worried about that!

Fabio Quartaro is not happy with the speed of his bike, and obviously, the team will have to work on it. “We hope, because we know that we struggle without grip,” he said when asked if he was anticipating the track to rubber in more on Saturday, as quoted by motorsport “We know Aprilia with low grip they go super-fast.

But for us we struggle. “Even on the race pace I was doing six, seven tenths slower than Aleix. “On this track you can feel if you are going slow or not, and I feel slow but I feel like I could not go faster because Turns 3, 4, 9 you open the throttle and you spin.

“I felt I was riding really good, but just super slow”.

Tire consumption

High tire consumption could be a problem, but Quartaro doesn't bother with that. “It’s not because you spin more that you have tyre consumption.

“The problem now is the tyre drops and we are slow. “So, I am not worried about the tyre consumption, but more worried I feel super slow and I think a lot of riders will feel the same. “It’s tough to really see your potential when there is such bad conditions on track”.

He hopes for the best outcome but is aware that it will not be easy. “If the race is now, it will be damage limitation, but we know that in this track the more rubber you put down the more grip you have,” he said.

“So, I hope we can put down a lot of grip during the weekend and we know it’s not going to rain, so every day putting rubber on the track and I hope Sunday arrives where we can make a massive improvement on the pace because right now I think only Aleix can really make a really fast pace.

“He’s just five tenths faster, he’s dropping also but he’s still five tenths faster. But for us it drops a lot”.