Terrible accident at the Catalunya MotoGP

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Terrible accident at the Catalunya MotoGP

The race was marked by the accident of three drivers, which fortunately ended without serious consequences Moto GP race The Grand Prix of Catalonia did not go without problems. Already in the first lap, the spectators were dumbfounded after the terrible collision, which fortunately ended without any serious consequences for the drivers who took part in it.

Japanese driver Takaaki Nagakami got stuck on Francesco Bagnai's wheel in one turn and ended up on the floor. During the crash, he ran into Alex Rins' motorbike, which he catapulted into the air. All three drivers ended up on the track and gravel next door, and the accident looked terrifying.

Fortunately, apart from not being able to continue driving, there were no serious consequences. In the end, Fabio Quartararo celebrated after a very unusual situation in which Aleix Espargaro started to celebrate the victory before the end, and because of that celebration, he lost the race.

The winner talked about his strategy

“I was not expecting to be that consistent in the race and that pace,” Quartararo said when asked to explain his strategy in the 24-lap Grand Prix. “The pace was good but not extremely fast.

Of course, the start was something important. My strategy was to at least do five laps not pushing to the limit but pushing hard." “We know Turns 3 and 4 are two corners are… I would not say 50% of the tire consumption is there, but I was taking care a lot and of course, it was something super important to be consistent." “When I saw the lead after a few laps it was amazing." “When you are leading like that, that race is super long, and you are thinking about things you should not think on the bike – really stupid things." “But I was expecting to have a bit more of a fight, but it was good.

When I saw a half-second lead in the first lap or second lap, I knew I was great, and I was not going to be overtaken on the straight. “So, I’m super happy and for the championship, it’s something really good”.