(VIDEO)Takaaki Nakagami scary crash: Franceso Bagnaia reacted

“I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed,” Bagnaia said

by Sead Dedovic
(VIDEO)Takaaki Nakagami scary crash: Franceso Bagnaia reacted

The MotoGP Catalan Grand Prix was marked by an accident that everyone is talking about. Namely, LCR’s Nakagami hit the back of Bagnai’s bike and ended up on the floor just like Alex Rins who found himself next to him.

“I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed,” Bagnaia said, as quoted by motorsport. “First of all I’m glad that Taka is ok, because the crash was heavy. But I’m not angry with the race direction to don’t do nothing to him because he always does something like this.

But from a professional rider like he is, you cannot expect to crash in the first braking in the first lap when he was 12th and he was trying to overtake 10 riders in the first braking. He was crossing the line of a lot of riders, and if I was not there he would surely have been on the gravel and his race was already finished.

So, I can’t understand what he was expecting to do in this braking. But maybe when he is back – I hope he will be back soon – I will ask to him this. We are speaking always about safety, about how Moto3 riders are dangerous.

But in the last races, with the slipstream and the groups in the qualifying, with this type of crash – because in Mugello and here we saw the same rider make more crashes – it’s not acceptable”.

Bagnaia's reaction: The possibilities are lower

This will diminish Bagnai's chances, but he is still not giving up and hopes for the best.

“I was determined to recover 70 points last year in five races, so I’m still determined now to recover 66 in more than five races,” he said of his title hopes. “But for sure the possibilities are lower. But still we have possibilities, so I will try."