(VIDEO) Terrible accident in Catalonia: He can't ride like this

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(VIDEO) Terrible accident in Catalonia: He can't ride like this

Takaaki Nakagami suffered a terrible accident at the Catalan Moto GP after hitting the back of Bagnaia. Alex Rins also felt the consequences of being hit by Nakagami. Rins was furious at the stewards, and he believes these things must not happen.

“Well, sincerely, first of all I hope that Taka is ok because I saw him in the hospital with the face [looking] very bad,” Rins said for motorsport. “But, he cannot go like this, he cannot ride like this.

You never want that a rival gets injured, but he was over the limit in that action. “This is the first thing I want to say. But the second this is it’s unacceptable. “I mean, we cannot go like this, the Race Direction, the stewards make zero sense in what they said by saying ‘no further action’ will happen in the race.

“For me, I already said to Freddie [Spencer] when I was in Mugello, that in my opinion they need to penalise with the same penalty [Moto3 racer Deniz] Oncu received last year [a race ban]. “But it’s crazy, but for sure today they demonstrated today on TV that the stewards are not at the level of Motogp.

“In the end, his bike touched me and I flew so badly. I think my left wrist is broken. “I will go now to the Dexeus Hospital to check it. But it looks bad because I cannot not move it more than this [a little]. “So, I’m so sad for the decision they take.

We had an incredible pace today, but…”


Now it doesn't matter who is to blame, we just hope that both of them won't have big problems. Rins is in a better situation "For sure I’m injured now, ok we’re racing at 350km/h, this is not a game.

“As I say, they are not at the level. This is all I can say, they showed that today. “No further action, first of all Taka crossed the track a bit aggressively. If there were some riders close to him for sure he will touch them.

The second one is he braked so late and he lost the front, it’s obvious. “In this safety commission I showed to all the riders and Mike Webb, the Race Director, the action that happened in Mugello. “Some riders were saying ‘yes, it’s Taka fault’, and some say ‘it was Rins' fault’.

“But then everyone started to talk about the stewards. For sure they are not doing their job well, it’s obvious. It’s obvious”.