Jack Miller: It was a s*ithouse day

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Jack Miller: It was a s*ithouse day

Ducati's Jack Miller had huge problems in Catalonia and finished the race as 14th. He himself does not know where so many problems come from.
"Yeah, was a shithouse day to follow up what was this weekend," Miller said for motorsport.

"[I had] Two decent tyres throughout the whole weekend, I tried my maximum from the beginning but to be honest I had nothing on the right-hand side of the tyre from the beginning to the end, and especially in the end I was spinning in a straight line.

"I don't know what happened with this hard tyre, but it didn't function at the end, doing lap times that I know I can do with the Panigale with tyres from the shelf. "So, this is not normal, I don't understand what happened this weekend with the tyres but we have a big problem, clearly, because one tyre to the other feels completely foreign on the bike, and then it can come back again.

"I don't forget how to ride, I don't lose my way, the bike we know. Last year I was on the podium here and this year I'm f***ing 30s away without a 1m40s – not one single 1m40s in the whole race.


The tactics they tried failed and it is obvious that they have to change some things.

"So, I don't understand really. We need to analyse, take the data that we get and get an answer. "We took a gamble in the race hoping it was going to work with the hard tyre, because it was really hot. But it didn't." The wrong decision ruined his race.

"Definitely talked to them [Michelin], but there wasn't much to report," he said. "The circuit increases the problems between the tyres. "They are working very hard to eliminate this. The choice of hard compound was not good.

On paper it all looked good, the advice was also leaning towards the hardest compound. It was not the right decision."