Jonathan Rea: I don't know what they're doing with Alex Lowes' bike

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Jonathan Rea: I don't know what they're doing with Alex Lowes' bike

Jonathan Rea commented on why his teammate Alex Lowes does not have as good results as him, even though they are members of the same team:
"I speak with Alex quite a bit, but I don’t really understand what they are doing on his side of the garage," Rea said for's German edition.

"They work quite differently from us in terms of fundamentals on the bike... it’s hard to understand why. I see life is difficult for him there. "It would be nice if Alex could ride my bike, just sit on my bike with his [riding] position and see how he feels, because the bikes are quite different.

"He rides in a different way, we develop the bike in different ways with our crew chiefs and electronics engineers… it’s hard to say what’s the right way or wrong way, but I would feel much better if we could work together more technically."

Rea: We must work together

Rea believes that everyone must work together, and that this is a prerequisite for success.

"Riders change, but the thing that hasn’t changed are the crew chiefs," Rea said. "Ideally we should all work much better together." Lowes also believes that they must work together, and that they should listen to each other.

It seems like there are two teams within one. “There would be some benefit I guess if the crews were to work together a bit better to improve the package, because the other guys are improving a lot,” said Lowes.

“We need each other’s help to push each other forward. But the setting of the bike is quite different, and it’s not my request. The team decided to go in a different way." We will see if there will be any changes, but obviously they have to deal with the problems that exist because there is too much difference between two drivers of the same team.