Aleix Espargaro: It was question of avoiding the crash all the time

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Aleix Espargaro: It was question of avoiding the crash all the time

Aleix Espargaro had big problems with the front tire in Germany GP. Still, he did great and finished the race in 4th place. “From lap one when I changed the front tyre on the grid and I started the formation lap, I felt a lot of vibration on the front,” Espargaro said, as quoted by motorsport “I was very angry but I had no time obviously to stop and change the tyre because I put the new tyre on [when I was] on the grid.

“The tyre started to jump. It happened to more than seven riders on Friday, also [Joan] Mir in the qualifying. “My tyres were always perfect, but today it was unbelievable." “[There was] a lot of vibration, a lot of chattering.

The first six, seven laps with the new rear tyre, I could manage it quite well. “But then it was impossible. My best sector during the weekend was sector three, the fast part of the track, and it was impossible for me to ride.

“It was question of avoiding the crash all the time. “It was surprising, because I was lapping very, very slow, but even like this I was in the podium [fight] all race”.

Maverick Vinales shares his opinion

Maverick Vinales although he was forced to retire on lap 19, is pleased with the bike and the feeling he had.

That’s a good sign for the season to continue.
“Actually, I’m very happy because I enjoyed riding,” Vinales said. “We made a good start, I was strong, I had many black marks on my leathers in the first corners [from passing other riders].

“Then I was just keeping the pace. I knew the last 10 laps were going to be my best laps, because I was keeping a good performance in the tyre, always keeping the spin down. “But the rear device broke and my chances of staying on track were very difficult.

“It broke [in the] down [position], so it never came back. I was wishing. I tried many times to lift it, but it never came back”.