Alex Rins and his future after the departure of Suzuki

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Alex Rins and his future after the departure of Suzuki

Suzuki's decision to leave Motogp at the end of the season provoked numerous reactions and perhaps domino effects. Alex Rins is one of those mentioned as the new LCR driver, and he revealed a bit more about it: “Let’s see if we can announce something at the end of Sunday’s race or next week,” Rins said on Friday at Assen for motorsport.

“The conditions in terms of material will be the same [as the factory Honda team]. We talked to LCR because the options was not given of going to the official team. “I would not have disliked [the idea] to wear the colours of Repsol, I was with them in 2013 and 2014 [in Moto3] and I would have been excited at least to have the possibility.

“It’s a big challenge. It will be a big change [going to] the V4 engine, but we are prepared, we are not afraid”.
His future is still uncertain, but he won't have a problem finding a team, that's for sure.

"Yeah, we have some options," Rins said. "I really appreciate the teams, the manufacturers that come to me because sincerely it was not easy. "But, I'm quite comfortable because we have a couple of options. Still, I haven't decided yet, but let's see if we can say something as soon as possible.

"I would like this weekend for sure, but still I need to decide. So, I don't know."

New chapter

The sudden news changed everything. He will have to think carefully about his next step. "Well, for sure all the options I'm interested in.

This is for sure. "There are options that I can look at better than the others, because I don't know if this will sound a little bit selfish, but I think I deserve a 2023 bike because we worked really hard [in 2022]. "So, there are options that can provide me with a 2023 bike.

There are options that without providing me a 2023 bike are quite nice. "So, let's decide. It's not easy, I'm in a good situation because I don't like to say no to a team who is interested in me. "I would like to say having a 2023 bike [is the most important thing for me].

But there is one way that the bike is not 2023, but it's a good thing. "It's difficult to say something, because you can say the team without saying their names. I mean, for sure I would like to race a 2023 bike."