Scott Redding: I doubted it would ever come to this point

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Scott Redding: I doubted it would ever come to this point
Scott Redding: I doubted it would ever come to this point (Provided by Financial World)

After an excellent performance at Donington Park, Redding continued the same in Most. He finished the race in 4th place. Although he was not optimistic at the beginning, it seems that his team can go far. "I doubted it for sure," said Redding, as quoted by motorsport.

"I doubted it would ever come to this point. Like I said at Donington, it was sink or swim - either I ride it and that’s it, or we dig our heels in and try and make the package better. "We made this step and now I think we are where we should be.

I said at the beginning of the year [I would be happy] if we can fight for a couple of podiums by mid-season, and then by the end of the season be more consistent. "Somehow we are on track for that, we just need to make a few more changes and then I think we can fight with them even more."

Redding on the bike

What is most important for him is that he feels great on the bike and that he is satisfied with what he has at his disposal.

"I think I just clicked a little bit with the bike, and with the swingarm, the set-up, it’s all these things together," Redding said. "I have confidence now, I know the bike can do it, I know I can do it. "I feel in control, whereas before I felt on the limit, like I’m gonna f***ing crash everywhere, but I was still two seconds off.

Now I feel like the bike is talking to me and I can respond and act, and I can ride how I want to ride. "That’s the biggest thing, confidence. It gives you half a tenth in every corner." Now they have to work on the bike and solve minor problems.

"The big [issue] we had, we got rid of, so now we’re looking for smaller things, and we know where we need to look," he said. "It’s just achieving it. "I would like to get more turning from the bike, that’s the main thing I’ll be looking for.

At least we know we need to fix this area, and if we get this we’ll make the step to close the gap."