Francesco Bagnaia sought advice from Valentino Rossi and Casey Stoner

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Francesco Bagnaia sought advice from Valentino Rossi and Casey Stoner

Francesco Bagnaia sought advice from Rossi and Stoner regarding Silverstone. Given their experience and successes, Francesco knew he could get what he wanted..Both of them were of great help to him. He said: “This weekend I spoke a lot with Valentino, more.

He told me a lot to understand better the situation, because I was a bit in trouble at the weekend. “It’s not easy from his point of view because he’s at home looking at the screen at the TV, but he helped me to understand the tyres, to understand the temperature with the tyres, he helped me a lot.

“To Casey, I just asked if in the past he had done something different in this track that helped him to be more competitive. “And this morning he sent me a message and I just tried to do something in the way he had done in the past and was good, but maybe not for the tyre we have now.

“But in any case, I’m very glad to have these kind of people around me at my disposal”. . he said as quoted by motorsport.

Francesco Bagnaia on Stoner's advice

Motorsport reporters wanted Bagnaia to say something more about Stoner's advice.

“He was great at finding traction at the exit of the corner, and this was his suggestion for today. I tried to wait more on opening gas, it was a bit better. “The problem was that I did maybe on the remaining five or six laps, it was without rear grip, so in this last part of the race I was just doing my riding style because I wasn’t able to use the rear tyre.

“So I just tried to push a lot in the braking to stop the bike before using just the front tyre because the rear was dragging a lot”.

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