Pol Espargaro: “What bothers me is that Honda is not speaking out"


Pol Espargaro: “What bothers me is that Honda is not speaking out"

Pol Espargaro is furious with Honda. The Japanese manufacturer has many problems this season. Espargaro is facing poor results and seems furious with Honda. What Espargaro complains about the most is the way Honda reacts or doesn't react!

He is worried about the state they are in, which he did not expect at all. This could be a big alarm for Honda to finally start solving the problem.
“What bothers me is that Honda is not speaking out, that there is no reaction,” Espargaro said for motorsport.

“I don't see that Honda is very concerned. I don't know what to interpret. The worst thing is that a manufacturer like this does not show its muscle. Five years ago, it seemed unthinkable that the Japanese brands would gradually struggle, and that the Italians would fly.

It was something that could not be foreseen. The problem is that I have no idea what Honda is thinking; I don't know if what is happening here is coming to Japan. At first glance it doesn't look like it because we are not getting the material we need to improve the bike”.

Stefan Bradl on the current situation

Stefan Bradl, who replaced Marc Marquez, also seems worried. Honda's Suzuka 8 hours endurance campaign was not of much help. However, he hopes that the team will have more capacity to face the problems within Moto GP.

No one could have expected that such an outcome would happen, but Honda has a lot of work and effort left. The competition is fierce, and solutions will have to be found. “Yeah, it’s a problem for sure,” he said when asked if him racing was causing issues with the test programme.

“They are testing in Japan more and more. Obviously, they had to prepare the Suzuka 8 Hours as well, so finally I’m happy they won the race. “So, maybe they have some more capacity now for MotoGP again and this is good”.

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